Digital Music Distribution

Sell your music online with iMusician and reach hundreds of international shops like iTunes, Deezer, Amazon and Spotify. From $ 5 for a single to unlimited releases with our flat rate, there is a price for everyone. No hidden fee, simple contract, and you can cancel whenever you want.

Amazon MP3

Decide It Yourself

EVERYONE has the right to enter the music market and gain access to their fan in the current digital ‘longtail’ eco-system. It couldn’t be easier with us, and here’s why:

  1. We offer a single page contract.
  2. There are no hidden fees.
  3. You can cancel your account at any time.
  4. Contact us if you have any questions.

Find a price that’s right for you

From selling music on one shop to unlimited flat rates, we have a plan for everyone:

  1. Our basic offers start from $ 5 for a single.
  2. Access to all shops starts at $ 9.
  3. Don’t want to pay commission nor sign up to a subscription? Our premium Rockstar plan starts at $ 29.
  4. Pro Unlimited: Release as much as you want for a yearly flat rate.

Reach hundreds of shops

We deliver your music to more shops than anyone else. Why? Because you can never be sure which shops are really the best ones for YOU. We want to make sure that your music is delivered to the shop your fans use, whether it’s a local shop, a jazz store with the highest resolution downloads, or an electronic music specialist like Beatport. Please check our full terms and conditions for further details.


Want to take full control of your new release on iTunes? Thanks to our iTunesPro offer now you can! Previously only available to ProUnlimited customers, everyone now gets the chance to:

  1. Set your own prices
  2. Enable Pre-orders
  3. Get a personalised shops links page
  4. Share an iTunes booklet
  5. Update your artist profile