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Sell your music online with iMusician Digital. We digitally distribute your music to hundreds of shops worldwide, you can see your sales in real time, make money on YouTube and collect your copyrights. iMusician is an all in one solution for independent musicians and labels.

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We distribute to hundreds of  international shops like iTunes, Deezer, Amazon, Beatport, Google Play and Spotify.

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Earning money from your music on YouTube is harder than you think, but we make it easy for you!

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Sell your music online

From $ 5 for a single to unlimited releases with our flat rate, there is a price for everyone. We distribute to hundreds of  international shops like iTunes, Deezer, Amazon, Beatport and Spotify.

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Social Media: What should I post on social between promo campaigns?

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In this article I outline three different solutions to help you consider this question and to enable you to face this period in your career with confidence, even if you have nothing new and exciting to rally and mobilise your fan community.

A future for unsigned artists

A future for unsigned artists

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UMA Music Group is working on a scheme to provide unsigned artists with funding without taking any of their song rights. Find out what’s in it for you.

DIY Booking: How to land your first gig

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If you’re not used to improvising, it can be tricky to play the role of a booker. Here you’ll find tips on how to land your first gig and avoid common rookie mistakes.

Top 8 Tips for Producing and Editing Your Music by Rufus T. Firefly

| Blog Articles | No Comments

Rufus T. Firefly have been perfecting their craft for the last 10 years, putting in the time and hard work that it takes to build successful music shops and a robust career step-by-step.

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