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Sell your music online with iMusician Digital. We digitally distribute your music to hundreds of shops worldwide, you can see your sales in real time, make money on YouTube and collect your copyrights. iMusician is an all in one solution for independent musicians and labels.

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Whether it’s iTunes, Amazon, Spotify or another shop, we’ll get your music out there.

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Earning money from your music on YouTube is harder than you think, but we make it easy for you!

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Sell your music online

From $ 5 for a single to unlimited releases with our flat rate, there is a price for everyone. We distribute to hundreds of  international shops like iTunes, Deezer, Amazon, Beatport and Spotify.

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4 Emerging Technologies That Are Redefining How DJs Play Live

| Blog Articles | No Comments

When it comes to the future of DJing, selecting is only half the story. The other side of the story is what you DJ on and how you play those tracks back.

A DIY guide to public relations: how to be your own publicist (part 1)

| Blog Articles, Contributor: Zilka | No Comments

Want to get journalists writing about your work but have no idea where to start? In part one of our DIY public relations guide, we cover the basics for pitching to the media.

Why it is beneficial to be the supporting act

| Blog Articles, Contributor: Brandon | No Comments

If you want to start playing bigger shows but you don’t have the fan base and contacts to organise your own, the best way is to be the supporting act for someone else.

Making great album artwork

| Blog Articles, Contributor: Steve | No Comments

Creating impactful, attention-grabbing artwork is more important today than ever before. Let’s take a look at a few recent album artworks and pick apart the elements that make them great.

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