The 7 music movies to watch over the holidays.

The winter holidays are almost here! It’s cold outside and you can’t wait to tuck yourself in your blanket and binge watch-movies?
Well get the popcorns ready and turn the speakers up because we have made a special selection of 7 brilliant music-related movies that will give you all the inspiration and entertainment a music lover thrives for!

1. Ray

The extraordinary life of Ray Charles. Blind at the age of 7, the man who is often nicknamed “The Genius”, became an gifted pianist and one of the pioneer of Rhythm’n’Blues. Ray is played by actor and musician Jamie Foxx who managed to capture every nuances of the character. An inspirational biopic that offers all the conventions you’d expect from one.

2. Dig!

Not your usual ‘rockumentary’. 7 years of footage expose the turbulent rise of two independent American bands the Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Led by rivalling frontmen, Courtney Taylor an Anton Newcombe respectively the bands choose different path to fame. “A viciously sharp essay on art, commerce, friendship and madness.”


3. 24 Hour Party people

God saved the queen! Delve into the unapologetic Manchester’s music scene of the 80’s with this brilliantly produced and hilarious mock-documentary tracing the creation of the iconic Factory Records and Hacienda club from which emerged bands such as Joy Division and the Happy Mondays.
And if you didn’t get enough of that era, have a look at Control. Depicting the bruised life of Joy Division’s frontmen Ian Curtis, this biopic reveals another, more tormented, facet of the musical scene.

4. Koyaanisqatsi

“This just might be the greatest non-narrative film of all time.“
Koyaanisqatsi (meaning “life out of balance”) is an unforgettable visual and listening experience.
Let yourself be absorbed in this film illustrating the alienation of humans from nature shown through a hypnotic tapestry of time-lapse photography and accompanied by a mesmerising soundtrack written by minimalist composer Philip Glass.

5. Dreamgirls

Do you need to be entertained? Well, look no further. Starring powerhouse vocalists Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Hudson and Anika Noni Rose this film is full of energy and passion. Adapted from the award-winning Broadway musical, the film retraces the rise to fame of a Motown female trio. The performances are so amazing that you will find yourself clapping in front of your screen!


6. Shoot the Piano Player

If the grey weather makes you nostalgic of the old days then this thrilling film noir will fit right in. Mixing the techniques of French new wave cinema and classic Hollywood gangster films, this black and white movie stars Charles Aznavour, landmark of French music as Charlie Kohler, a bar piano player. “Loaded with gags, guns, clowns, and thugs, this razor-sharp homage to the American gangster film is pure nouvelle vague.”

7. Pirate Radio (The Boat That Rocked)

Just a lot of fun. This film is loosely based on reality as a matter of fact any serious rock’n’roll fan would be left a little offended by the cliché-esque representation of its history. That being said, the rhythm, the soundtrack and the story plot is perfect for the holidays: colourful, entertaining and very funny.

Enjoy your holidays and see you next year!


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