New Changes to Apple Music for Artists

by Chris Lynn

Apple Music for Artists (AMFA) just moved out of Beta. What does that mean for you? In this post, we’ll walk you through setting up your Apple Music for Artists profile and take a look at some of its key features.

Claim Your Apple Music Profile

If you’ve already released music, you have a profile waiting for you on Apple Music. To claim it, you need to have an Apple ID. If you are already an Apple or iTunes user, you’ll use those login details. If you aren’t an Apple user, you will need to sign up with that first.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll need to find your artist profile and its URL, enter in your role (artist, band member, manager), and submit. It might take a couple of days for approval from Apple, so hold tight if it’s not instant. Once approved, Apple will send an email address to the address of your Apple ID account.

Analytical data

Once in, you’ll be able to explore a large amount of information about your music, including number of streams, most played tracks, playlists your track is on, number of listeners, and number of purchases. There are trend graphs that let you dive deeper visually. You can also explore maps showing the countries and cities in which your track is streamed, or dig into country-specific data about each track. It’s comparable to Spotify; exactly what you’d expect from a store as large as Apple. Apple makes it fun however, by giving you badges for different milestones.


Apple acquired Shazam last year, so it’s no surprise that you can find Shazam data in the AMFA dashboard. That means you can see how many times each track was shazamed and which songs had the most shazams. My track “All Around the House” has apparently been shazamed 22 times. As an electronic music producer, I smile when I think of 22 people standing in the middle of a club, holding up their phones, trying to discover the killer track they hear on the dancefloor. On a side note, Shazam for Artists is officially closing down — so you’ll have to go through AMFA to access that data.

Artist Profile

Right now AMFA doesn’t offer a lot of opportunities to personalize your profile. You can add a picture — and that’s about it. If you have an AllMusic account, your bio will auto-populate with that information. Otherwise, there’s no way to add a bio. There’s also not a way to add external links to your social media or website. And there doesn’t seem to be able to share playlists with your fans the way you can on Spotify or Traxsource. To me, these are ways to bridge the virtual divide, making it easier to connect and share with fans. Since it just came out of beta, we hope that AMFA will add those features soon.

If you are a label with multiple artists or an artist with multiple projects, you’ll be able to manage multiple accounts from one login.


On the go

Apple Music for Artists also comes with an app. If you use the Bandcamp for Artists or Spotify for Artists apps, the design will be pretty standard. It gives you mobile views of the trend data. Currently it’s only available for iPhone users who have iOS 12 or higher.

Our Conclusion

For me, it feels like Apple Music is starting to catch up with the competition when it comes to artists — but without more artist personalization, they still have a way to go. If tracking your analytics or changing your artist pic is important, you’ll want to claim your profile on AMFA.

You can also access trend charts for all stores in your iMusician dashboard. And if you really want to dive into the numbers, downloading your sales data will give you a full breakout of sales and streams.


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