Our Contributors

Brandon Miller

Brandon Miller is a singer-songwriter living in Berlin, Germany who would rather be sleeping under the stars. He released his first official album in Europe ‘Everyone Here Seems So Familiar’ under the pseudonym Sarsaparilla but is now putting out music and performing under the name his parents gave him. He has toured all over the USA and Europe playing everything from huge festivals to tiny kitchens and has played support for William Elliott Whitmore, John Fullbright, A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Nina Nastasia, Bear in Heaven, Pink Mountaintops and many more. Once in Hawaii he got a quick thumbs-up and a magic wink from Bob Dylan when it was raining all around but not on them. Brandon is also a freelance writer and a stop-motion animator. He has a white cat named Jogi.

guillaume marketing musical

Guillaume – Marketing Musical

Guillaume is a music marketing coach and a passionate musician based in Lyon, France. In 2015 he founded MarketingMusical.fr in order to help French-speaking independent musicians and bands grow their music career and fan base in the Internet era. He regularly delivers free advice in the form of videos and articles but also provides online training and personalized services for the musicians who want to go further. Through Musical Marketing Guillaume goes against the current of the declining music industry and inspires thousands of French-speaking musicians every month to advance their music project independently. His goal? Contributing to the rise of a new type of musician: the “Musicpreneur”.

Jasmine Azarian – MOTZ (UK)

Jasmine Azarian is the founder of the online techno magazine and label MOTZ which she runs with 4 other girls based in Berlin, London and Dublin.

Gideon Gottfried

Born in 1985 with German-Indian-Roots. Studied Communication Sciences BA at LMU Munich, completed his editorial traineeship and still works at a trade magazine for the German, Swiss and Austrian Music Industry. Loves to Bike, write, cook and make music himself: Check out soundcloud.com/bigeazie. Believes there is enough money in the music business for everyone involved, it just needs to be distributed among the participants in a fair way.

Rhian Jones

Rhian is a News Editor at the UK’s music industry trade bible Music Week. Music Week has been at the forefront of the music business for over 50 years and remains a respected voice and valued source of news, data, analysis and opinion throughout the industry. Jones has been there for over two years and prior to that she started her journalism career as apprentice to Guardian education freelancer Janet Murray. She interviews high profile artists and important industry figures and writes news stories and features across a range of subjects including copyright, digital, retail and the live sector. Other publications written for include Company magazine and The Sunday Telegraph.

Steve Duncan

Steve isn’t the first contributor you’d expect to see on a music industry blog. Hailing from Australia, he spends his days helping startups and companies to design user-centric digital products and services.
His nights however, are spent plotting ways to combine his day job and deep-seated passion for music. Design thinking can improve the careers of musicians – he just knows it!
Based in Berlin, Steve is a founding member of Patterns of Perception – a collective that explores today’s vibrant techno scene, organising music events and publishing an online platform that aims to promote and share the unique talents of artists from around the world.

Zilka Grogan

Zilka Grogan is a former newspaper journalist who hates writing about herself in the third person. She gave up on reporting on the serious stuff to move to Berlin and immerse herself in the electronic music scene. These days, she works in communications and content for Berlin startups, and also freelances in promotion for the music/lifestyle collective Opal and the Patterns of Perception club night. Publications she’s written for in her native Australia include The Daily Telegraph, News.com.au and NewsLocal.