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DICE Conference + Festival will be held in Berlin-Neukölln from November 3rd to 5th. The three-day event is designed to support the work of female, trans and non-binary artists and professionals in the music industry. Forward-thinking talks, workshops and live shows by engaging guests will stimulate critical dialogue and expand the boundaries of artistic practice and thought.

The conference is going to kick-off on Thursday morning with a discussion on the evolution of the use and sharing of information through journalism and social media.

It is foreseen to be as rich and gripping as its splendid line-up which includes Lena Platonos / FAKA / Born In Flamez / PLANNINGTOROCK / Kiki Hitomi / Ms. Boogie / LYZZA / Sonora Mulata / Surma / Kim Ki O / Ah Mer Ah Su / SUUTOO / Strip Down / R.A.N and more.

Throughout the rest of the day a variety of things will be offered such as workshops about career development and gaining confidence as an individual from a minority, listening sessions and much more.


Amongst other powerful talks such as Dr. Emilia Roig’s “Should we get rid of identity politics” or Turkish panel’s “Music as a form of resistance in times of oppression”, we are looking forward to the last panel of the day called “En Woke: Bossed up – Professionalizing in the creative industry” hosted by Hoe__mies co-founder Gizem Adiyaman.


Workshop day: a variety of exciting and fun workshops will take place such as the DJING workshop from Berlin collective Room 4 Shade, A rap + live beat workshop for the younger crowd by DICE’s Youth Empowerment Programme, an introduction to Modular synth with the infamous Schneidersladen. And last but not least, the empowering “Drag is for Everyone” and “Reclaiming your queer fat BPOC body” workshops.
Evening time… This year’s live shows feature exciting acts such as greek electronic pioneer Lena Platonos, South African queer collective FAKA, Ms Boogie, Born in Flamez, Ah Mer Ah Su and many other magical acts.


Check out our article about How working for a LGBTQ music collective can be beneficial.


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