How to distribute a karaoke release

How to distribute a karaoke release

By 2 September 2016

A karaoke track is an instrumental version of a well known popular song.
Please note that Karaoke releases are no longer accepted by the following platforms:
Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music and Shazam. It is also not allowed to monetise karaoke tracks with YouTube’s content ID. Often the melody in a karaoke version of a track is too similar to the original, which will lead to false claims on the original track. Should you select the YouTube Content ID option for a karaoke release, this will be removed without further notice.

How to upload your karaoke track

Let us look at an example, using a karaoke version of “Single Ladies” by Beyonce:

Basic details EN
In the section “Basic details”, start by entering the title of the release and add “karaoke version” in the version field:
Enter an artist name (It is not allowed to enter “Karaoke” as a single artist name, but it can be part of the artist name):

artist EN

Select Karaoke as main genre of your release:

Genre EN

In the section “Tracks”, under “Track details” enter the title of the track and add “Karaoke Version” in the version field:

track details EN

Under “Track artist”, enter your artist name:

Track artist EN

To distribute a karaoke track with iMusician, you have to register it as a cover version. In order to fill in the next fields (publisher, contributors) properly, please read our guide “How to distribute a cover” first and click the button “Cover version” at the bottom of the page:

attributes EN

Please note that we need full composer, lyricist, and publisher information to distribute your karaoke release. If the track is a pure instrumental karaoke, you do not need to list the lyricist, only the composer and the publisher. If there are soft backing vocals, please also include the lyricist in the contributor information.