How it works

How it works

By 2 September 2016

Create your free account

  • Create your free account with iMusician to access all of our services.
  • Once confirmed you will be able to login and will be given access to your own personal dashboard to manage your music.

Choose your price plan

screenshot price

When you start distributing your music you will be asked to select your price plan. Full pricing details can be seen on our pricing page.

All plans include:

  • Free barcodes
  • Free ISRC codes
  • Free Music Locker
  • Daily reporting
  • Support within 24h (Monday to Friday)

Worth knowing:

  • You can cancel anytime
  • No hidden fees
  • Express delivery option available
  • iTunes pre-order available

Enter basic details

basic details

  1. Select your release language and genre
  2. Enter in your release title
  3. For administrative purposes you have to confirm the artist names by selecting if already saved or by adding them one by one.Examples:
    Artist name: Ed Sheeran
    Add & select:
    (Main) (Ed Sheeran)Artist name: Guns N’ Roses
    Add & select:
    (Main) (Guns N’ Roses)Artist names: Jay Z & James Bay
    Add & select:
    (Main) (Jay Z)
    (Main) (James Bay)Artist names: Ed Sheeran, Jay Z & James Bay feat. David Guetta
    Add & select:
    (Main) (Ed Sheeran)
    (Main) (Jay Z)
    (Main) (James Bay)
    (Featuring) (David Guetta)”

Prepare your tracks

screenshot tracks

  1. Uploading files:
    Start by uploading your audio files. Simply drag all of them in to the uploader area. As many shops do not accept MP3, tracks should be uploaded as WAV files in 16 bit, 44.1 kHz.
  2. Track details:
    Enter your track details while simultaneously your audio files are getting uploaded. Multiple tracks can be edited at the same time to make it even easier for you.
  3. Track artists:
    This works similarly to what you entered under ‘Basic details’. Just enter your track artist name and confirm by selecting it.
  4. Publishers:
    If you don’t know who your publisher is then just leave it blank, you probably don’t have one yet.
  5. Contributors:
    Make sure that you mention all composers and lyricists correctly.

Design and upload artwork

screenshot artwork

Enter your artist name exactly as it is on your album cover. This in an iTunes rule.

  1. Size/Format:
    Artwork must be a JPG file that is at least 2000 x 2000 pixels (best 3000 x 3000 pixels)
  2. Things to include:
    The ‘Artist name’ and ‘Release title’ must exactly match as they appear in the ‘Basic details’ section
  3. Things to avoid:
    Blurry and pixelated images
    Website URLs
    Social network symbols
    Email addresses
    Pornographic images and copyrighted images

For more information we have a whole blog post dedicated to the importance of your album artwork.

Release & distribution details

screenshot sales

Release details

  1. Label
    Use a pre existing iMusician label (iM Classic, iM Electronic, iMusician Digital) or add your own.
  2. Barcode
    Use and existing barcode (UPC or EAN) or create a new one for free.

Distribution details

  1. Shops
    Select where you want your music to be available whether it’s 1 download shop, streaming services or all of our shops.
  2. Dates
    Select when you’d like your music to be released. If your music was already released you can also indicate its original release date.

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