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Gearhunt at SuperBooth

iMusican’s top picks for getting into electronic music and modular synthesisers

SuperBooth is one of the leading synthesisers and electronic music tradeshow in the world. In May, the event filled the FEZ Centre on the border of Berlin with sounds and enthusiasts. iMusician had the chance to attend this three-day event and dove straight into otherworldly to collect the best tips and products.
Here is an insight of our experience…

First, we had to get there. Visitors were invited to hop on a boat, organised by SuperBooth taking us directly to the FEZ centre. The sun was shining and the scenery along the Spree River was beautiful. We sat down and within only fifteen minutes, we were already having a chat about producing, festivals and the Berliner lifestyle with Fred, producer and DJ from France.

When the rather long but pleasant cruise ended, we hopped off the boat and followed the crowd to the temple of sonic prosperities. Entering the main hall, we got hit by a wave of eclectic sounds vibrating in stiff air. There were hundreds of gearheads, mostly men, romping on machines, but yet the atmosphere was welcoming and cheerful. Our eyes and ears were getting caught from all sides. There was a plethora of things we wanted to look at, touch and listen to – and we definitely weren’t the only ones feeling this way.

After an intense first round, we went outside for a quick break where many people were relaxing and enjoying a drink under the sun. Not your usual tradeshow vibe. Next to us was Franck Guillois, owner of the french YouTube channel “Les Sondiers” which focuses on the presentation and tutorials of electronic music gear and software.

Unlike other trade fairs, SuperBooth is approachable and soulful. For me, the most distinguishable thing here is the friendly, pleasant and human-size atmosphere.” – says Franck.

SuperBooth is more of a niche fair with a focus on Modular synthesisers but its unique features now attract brands with a wider range of musical equipment such as sound systems, classical synthesisers, controllers, or software. Thus, allowing bigger and smaller brands to mingle freely. For Franck this is an indicator of a place where things happen – and you can easily be part of them. Visitors, traders, experts and beginners from all generations are here and open to share knowledge and passion.

SuperBooth hosted a variety of events. Several workshops, such as the “synthesiser starter workshop for women and non-binary people” or the “live composing with #INSTANTBONER” were taking place during the day, whilst the evening set the stage for live and DJ sets from the likes of Icelandic innovators GUSGUS, Russian modern warrior producer BAD ZU, or Berlin-based unconventional composer ISLAJA.

Definitely a worthwhile and stimulating experience which has gotten us inspired enough for almost an entire year. Long live SuperBooth!

Next week, we’ll share our interview with Roland and Native Instruments!


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