How to make a good music website

How to make a music website like Ed Sheeran – Case study part 1


EdSheeran400In this post Shaun Letang shows the importance of having a great band website, which acts as a ‘sales funnel’ that is much more effective than Facebook or Twitter.

The main point is structure – how to build your website to maximise its effectiveness. Letang uses Ed Sheeran’s website as an example, including good points and things that could be improved. He also advises you to follow his links on how to build your own professional website before you read any further, if you don’t already have one.


Here is a summary of the best things about Ed Sheeran’s website:

  1. Video on the front page. Videos help people to remember your songs, and they are also more likely to be recommended to friends.
  2. Social media boxes in the right sidebar, including a Facebook ‘like’ button and the Twitter icon. These give ‘social proof’ to potential fans, showing them that they are enjoying something which other people enjoy too. It also makes sure that people who land on the website will end up expressing support or receiving notifications on at least one of his online platforms.
  3. Nagivation inlcudes top nav bar placement. This is usually placed under the header, or at the top of the left hand sidebar. This is standard, so people might be confused if you place it somewhere else.
  4. The shop tab is listed at the bottom of the left sidebar – this allows the viewer to see and hear everything first, rather than alienating them by immediately directing them to store.


What could be done differently according to Letang:

  1. Place the mailing list widget higher up in the nav bar, and take the social media links out of the top nav bar, as Ed Sheeran’s site already has a lot of focus on social media.
  2. Include SoundCloud?


Do you have a band website? Do you administrate it yourself? Let us know if you have any more tips or suggestions…