Expert tips: How to promote your music?

Expert tips: How to promote your music?

Often it’s very easy to explain why good products don’t get the awareness they deserve and then fail on market. A great album and a fantastic single release aren’t enough to break through, especially with regard to the growing online music market. These content masses are also confusing to radio stations, TV broadcasters and print magazines. There’s one thing you could do to rise above the crowd: an individual advertising campaign, which has the power to set your music in scene and which is big enough to reach your audience and potential media partner target group.

Now, what do you need for a successful promotion campaign?

You always jump higher if you’re standing on a solid podium! And this podium is your band image including press releases, band biography and your representative website, social network and live performance. If you don’t build it up before starting a campaign, you will lose much money. So it’s very important to start with grass-roots level work! Develop high quality presentation material for a good initial impression to your media partners, because if it’s not convincing from the outside, they won’t even look inside. Everybody wants a marketable product!

The base is solid, let’s do some promo!

If you created a solid base you can start thinking about creating a campaign. Think of a good strategy to make your campaign as individual and competitive as you can before spending money on paid advertising. You need that certain something to leave the rest behind. Find out who your target audience is and where they buy their music or discover new bands. Consult experts for this job, because they do exactly know the market changes in this transient internet generation. Don’t start something just because everybody does it. And please don’t target on facebook posts to your friends and hope that something big is going to happen.

In the end you can have the best album failing on the market when you don’t make sure that people will listen to it. These people are your fans and potential media partners with a media slot for newcomer music. Nobody wants to beg over two weeks for an airplay when the radio station is only playing international chart hits, this is wasted time! Also keep in mind that you will need the same amount for your promotional campaign as invested in the music production, otherwise the advertising effect is too small to reach any promotional goals. In the end you should have a focused and sustainable campaign to grow your fanbase and make your media partners curious on the next product.

So you know why you even have to tell you’re great and how to promote your music a little bit better!

Written by Verena Bößmann & Nicolaj Gruzdov, founders of Dunstan Media House.

Dunstan Media House is an independent agency from Germany. They help bands and labels to design their international marketing strategies and manage successful their promotion campaigns, especially regarding online promotion.

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