Professional mixing & lessons

Want to get your tracks professionally mixed or want to know how the pros do it? JP Masters offer both to you!

Professional mixing

JP Master’s rate depend on the number of tracks you have per project. Prices are:

  • 1-8 tracks $ 100/song
  • 9-16 tracks $ 140/song
  • 17-24 tracks $ 180/song
  • 25-40 tracks $ 220/song

One on one mixing classes

JP Masters also offer personal support so you can mix your own tracks. Prices are:

  • 1/2 hour $ 50
  • 1 hour $ 80

Please contact us with the details of your mixing request and we’ll put you in touch with Dave of JP Masters.


Potential topics for 1 on 1 classes

Fundamentals of Sound

An in-depth look at sound and how to setup a home studio.

  • Home studio setup
  • Speaker placement
  • Choosing a DAW
  • Choosing an interface
  • Room acoustics
  • Behavior of sound (frequency, amplitude, phase, etc)

Audio Recording

Learn to properly capture sound.

  • Microphones
  • Proper mic selection and placement
  • Proper gain-staging
  • Equalization
  • Dynamic processing
  • Track editing
  • Vocal and instrument track comping
  • Content will be presented via Skype and shared desktop with examples and demonstrations made using protools and other workstations, as well as powerpoint slides.


Learn to create a tight powerful and well balanced mix).

  • Balancing tracks
  • Equalization as it applies to mixing
  • Dynamic processing as it applies to mixing
  • Using reverb, echo and other effects
  • Automation