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Once you signed up on iMusician, we send you an email with a link to activate your account. In case you did not receive an email, please check your spam folder, mark the email as ‘No spam’ and follow the link.

If you already activated your account and you cannot login, please reset your password here.

No, the agreement is on a release basis and not for your entire catalogue. However, you can’t distribute your release with another digital distributor at the same time.

We are happy that you are considering redistributing your music with us.

Before you do that, please contact your current distributor and ask them to take down your content from all stores, since moving your content while it’s live is not possible. After this has happened, you can create your releases once more with us.

  • One page contract: We want musicians to focus on what they do best – making music!
  • No minimum payout amount needed: You can request a payout via PayPal, credit card or bank transfer as soon as you received your income.
  • We have a team that speaks five languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish) and get back to you within 24 hours from Monday to Friday.
  • We provide you with free ISRC codes for your tracks and a free digital barcode for your release.
  • Take down your release from the shops anytime free of charge.
  • You pay only once for your release and decide, if you pay commission to us. There is no annual fee for your release….
  • …apart from Pro Unlimited. With an annual fee you can release as much as you want.

You can terminate the agreement whenever you. You must:

  • Send us an email.
  • Make sure all outstanding invoices are paid.


The trend charts in your dashboard show the recent downloads and streams for your music.
Please note that those numbers are preliminary:

  • Some shops allow customers to return their purchase within a specific timeframe
  • Some shops offer the cancellation of a subscription after a customer listened to your music
  • Months might not be evenly divided into weeks and some shops account months not according to calendar months, which might lead to discrepancies

We pay within one week of a payout request.

Sales are uploaded monthly but you can see up-to-date sales data with our Daily Trend Charts.

Sales revenues for a release are only made available by the shops three months after they occur. Any data shown will therefore be at least 3 months old. If a digital release date occurs after the 20th of a month it could result in the data being delayed by a further month. For more up to date data please consult your Daily Trend Charts.

Here is a quick example for iTunes. These calculations are only examples and will change with exchange rate, inflation etc, and are not legally binding.

iTunes Song Album
Download price €0.99 €9.99
Deductions (iTunes commission, publishing (GEMA, MCPS, ASCAP etc), partner distribution fees, iMusician commission)
Net Revenue €0.51 €4.33


Classical releases are subject to more specific formatting. Non-public-domain musical works (such as contemporary classical scores) are not subject to the standard classical format.
Find below the most important rules to consider:

Artist Field on a Classical Release
– Performers must be listed as main artists and can include symphonies, orchestras, choirs, conductors, or soloists.
– On track level a detailed artist listing is possible.
– On release level, only the most important roles should be listed (orchestra, choir, conductor, only the most important soloists).
– Composers should not be listed as artists, unless they are in fact performing on the recording.

– Composers must be listed on track level as contributors.
– Please enter the full composer’s name and don’t use abbreviations.
Feel free to consult to find more details about the correct spelling of composer names.

Album Title of a Classical Release
The album title is preferably formatted like this:
[Last Name of Composer]: [Work Title]

    Example: Chopin: Nocturnes, Op. 9

– Adding the first initial in front of the last name is also acceptable.
Example: F. Chopin: Nocturnes, Op. 9

Track Titles
Here is the standard Classical Format of Track Titles:
[Name of Work] in [Key], [Catalogue Number]: [Movement Number]. [Movement Title]

    Example: Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, Op. 67: I. Allegro con brio

Here is the Format of Opera Titles:
[Opera Title], [Catalogue Number], [Act]: [“Song”]

    Example: Don Giovanni, K. 527, Act II: “Il mio tesoro intanto”

– Additional track details such as ‘Arr. by X’ should be added in brackets after the title in the title field. Do not enter any details in the version title field.
– Key and catalogue numbers are not always required.
– Please consult to find more information about specific formatting of classical works (incl. composer names, work and movement titles etc.).

You can claim it directly on the platforms, here some examples:

Google Play

As this is a pretty complex topic, we highly recommend you to have a look at our detailed guide ‘How to distribute a cover’.

You can distribute music that includes such samples, as long as you have an agreement allowing you the commercial usage of the samples.
However, we do not recommend the monetisation via YouTube Content ID because most likely you are not the only one using this sample and/or we might receive claims from the original owner of this track.

The explicit logo is applied when the lyrics or content of a song contain one or more of the following criteria which could be considered offensive or unsuitable for children:

  • Strong language (one word is already enough)
  • References to violence, physical, or mental abuse
  • References of sexualised behaviour
  • Discriminatory language

Please make sure to mark the tracks/your release as explicit, if one of the above statement applies. iTunes may hide your sale in the store if the content is not marked accordingly.
As soon as you mark one track as explicit on your album, the entire release will be marked ‘explicit’ in most of the shops later on.

Explicit content is not sold in Belarus, Burkina Faso, India, Nepal and Uzbekistan iTunes territories.

Good news: We distribute all kind of genres including Audiobooks!

Check out our blog article How to distribute a cover? to make sure that your release will be accepted.

Yes, if you choose iTunesPro or Pro Unlimited for your release.

    For the tracks, you can choose between the following options:

  • low (0.69 $/€ per track)
  • medium (0.99 $/€ per track)
  • high (1.29 $/€ per track)

Please note that not all shops are offering the track price option.

Depending on the type prices for your release start at EUR 2.99 and can go up to EUR 15.99.

Please contact us via email immediately after your release has been created in order to set it up.

There are three different release types you can choose:

    iMusician Single:

  • Up to 3 tracks
    iMusician EP:

  • Up to 7 tracks
    iMusician Album:

  • Up to 99 tracks

The prices per release can be found here.

iTunes has its own rules when it comes to displaying releases, so even if we send your release as an EP, it might be marked as a Single on iTunes – therefore please double-check the rules below:

    iTunes Single:

  • Up to 3 tracks, total release length less than 30 minutes, all individual tracks less than 10 minutes
    iTunes EP:

  • 1 – 3 tracks, total release length less than 30 minutes, one or more tracks with more than 10 minutes OR
  • 4 – 6 tracks, total release length less than 30 minutes
    iTunes Album:

  • 7 or more tracks OR
  • 1 – 6 tracks and total release length more than 30 minutes

If your image is already less than 2000 x 2000 pixels, resizing it will not help as the image will become unsharp and lose quality. In this case we recommend to start with a larger image.


  • You can use ‘Paint’ to resize your image
  • Open your image in Paint, select the whole image by clicking ‘CTRL + A’
  • Click on ‘Resize’ in the top menu
  • Select pixels and choose the desired size (at least 2000 x 2000 pixels) for your artwork


  • Open your image in ‘Preview’
  • Click on ‘Tools’ in the top menu and select ‘Adjust Size…’
  • Select pixels and choose the desired size (at least 2000 x 2000 pixels) for your artwork

Important for Mac: When sending images, Mail makes them smaller. Make sure to select ‘Original size’ in the dropdown in your email before sending.

Just contact us by email and your release will be taken down within 2 to 3 weeks.

Yes, in most cases this can be done.

    Please note that it is not possible to change:

  • The number of tracks in your release
  • The track order
  • The ISRCs and the barcode once your release has been approved and delivered

All other modifications are possible and cost 10 EUR.

In case you want to change your release title or artist name, please keep in mind that we also need to update the artwork for your release. Therefore, please send us the new artwork with your change request.

  • Normal Delivery (2 weeks)
  • Express Delivery (1 week)
  • 48 hours Delivery

The artwork must meet the following requirements: 3000 x 3000 pixels, JPG and sharp when viewing it on 100%. The exact “Artist name” and “Album name” must:

  1. Be displayed on the cover.
  2. Must match with the data you’ve entered.

We do not accept:

  • Blurry and pixelated images.
  • Website URLs.
  • Social network symbols.
  • Email addresses.
  • Pornographic images.
  • Copyrighted images.

Yes, both barcode and ISRCs are needed in any case and we provide them for free.

It is an internationally unique code for music which we need to track your song through the worldwide shop system. If you do not have one, we will provide you one. ISRCs described in Wikipedia »

This is an internationally unique product code often seen as a “barcode” on products. There is a European (EAN) and a US system (UPC). If you do not have your own, we will provide you one.

EAN described in Wikipedia » UPC described in Wikipedia »

No. Because digital distributors deliver to many of the same shops, this will cause a licensing conflict and your album can be taken off line.

However, if you can do “one-off” deals with individual shops to which we do not deliver, this will not be a problem.


A few shops offer to claim your artist profile:

Some shops do show the composers/lyricists for a release and it is mandatory to provide the real names here, artist names are not allowed and unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about this.

Please note that iTunes and other shops do also display the copyright owners.

Yes, pre-orders on iTunes are free of charge for Pro Unlimited users.
Additionally, we offer this and many other features in our iTunesPro package for all release types.

In order to plan the pre-order, we need a notice period of at least 4 weeks.

Once your release is completed, please contact us immediately with the following information via :

  • Release title:
  • Start date of the pre-order period:
  • Track prelistening during pre-order period: yes or no

iTunes, Deezer, Google Play and Spotify work with so called artist IDs. In case you don’t have a unique artist name it can happen that this is getting mixed up with already existing artist profiles.
We can ask them to create a new artist ID for you.
For this, please send us the following information via :

  • In which shops your release appears under the wrong artist?
  • What are the release titles that should appear under your artist name?
  • ‘Mastered for iTunes’ is a label created for music that has been mastered and quality-tested for publication in iTunes. The requirements iTunes sets are applying to regular digital audio mastering as well, so you as an artist are making sure that your music is mastered well.
    To receive this label, check if your mastering engineer is an approved MFiT mastering engineer.

    We are able to distribute your music and get the label later on. To make sure that your tracks have been mastered by an approved mastering engineer, we need the name, address of the Studio and the name, email and phone number of the person who mastered your track, as the studio needs to be certified by Apple.

    With a Spotify Verified Artist Page you can claim your discography by merging it with your own user profile, which you have to create for your artist. This also means that you can customise your profile picture and banner on your artist page.

    Absolutely. You can set this in the registration.

    Yes, you will receive a notification when your release goes live.

    However, none of the shops provide links to your release yet, but we are working on making this available soon.

    The numbers change weekly as we deal with more and more shops but in all, we have access to over 200 shops which you will find here. This does not mean that your music will appear in all shops because:

    • some are boutique shops that only take a certain genre,
    • other shops screen the music and take only a selection.

    However, shops like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, 7Digital and Napster generally do not refuse any music.

    • Songs with questionable content (eg racist or unethical lyrics).
    • Bootlegs.
    • Uncleared samples.
    • Edits that have not been cleared by the original publishers.
    • Original recordings that become public domain.


    We can create your label profile on Beatport and Traxsource if you want to release under your own label name.
    There are a few things you need to keep in mind:

    • The creation of your label and the approval from those shops can take up to one month
    • The platforms do not allow the same label name to be used twice, so please make sure that your desired label name does not exist already
    • Beatport only accepts releases under the genre ‘Dance/Electronic’, Traxsource only accepts releases labelled as ‘House’

    Once you have created your first release under your custom label name, we will contact you via email for more information (label logo, link to your profile on SoundCloud).
    As soon as your label page has been created, you can request changes via this form .

    We cannot add new releases on an existing label created by another distributor unless all releases under this label have been taken down by the other distributor.


    We are able to distribute STEM-audios to the most important shops for electronic music (e.g. Beatport, Traxsource, Juno) – however, we are not accepting these files for uploading, but you can manually send them via WeTransfer or Dropbox to our .

    Since not all shops support this format, you have to create a second release with WAV-files, if you want your music to release in other shops too.

    iTunes is a pretty useful tool for converting any audio files to WAV. You can find a guide here.

    The maximum size for a track is 1 GB.

    We only accept WAV files in stereo with 16 bit and 44.1 kHz.


    We do not distribute any music or videos to YouTube, only to YouTubeRed, which is the streaming platform of YouTube. Currently, the platform is available in the US, New Zealand, Mexico, South Korea and Australia. If you are accessing the links from other countries, the website will display a message that the video is not available. Unfortunately it has not been announced, if and when YouTubeRed will be available in other countries.

    In order to get your music on YouTube, please upload it yourself through your channel on YouTube. In case you ordered the YouTube Content ID for your release, we will monetise the video once uploaded on your behalf.

    No, we are not offering video distribution due to strict guidelines and extensive quality checks on our side. However, we can help you with the monetisation of your videos on YouTube.

    If you uploaded your video before the release of your album with us, it can take up to four weeks until YouTube recognises the content. If you upload your video after your music has been released, it is usually monetised one or two days after the upload.

    The copyright claim is made by us on your behalf, which means that we collect the royalties on your behalf. iMusician does not claim the copyright of any artist tracks.

    You might not see ads for videos that have been uploaded on your own channel. Also YouTube does recognise if ads were displayed on other videos you watched previously, so it does not show ads again. In some countries YouTube also does not display ads due to lawsuits between them and collecting societies, even if you are not member of a collecting society.

    They are part of the monthly sales upload, labelled as YouTube content ID and appear in streams. However, they do not appear in the trend charts.


    • VISA/Mastercard
    • PayPal
    • Bank transfer

    Pro Unlimited

    In case you don’t want to renew your subscription after one year, all your releases will stay online without additional costs and will be switched into Regular mode.

    Yes, you can also release for as many artists or labels as you want.

    As many releases as you want. All you pay is the yearly fee.


    Detailed how to guides

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