Shareholder & Advisory board

Tim Renner is one of Germany’s leading thinkers in the music and culture space. Despite sitting as the current Minister for Culture for the City of Berlin, Tim comes from the music industry and a career that started as a journalist and culminating as the Managing Director of Universal Music (2001 – 2004). These years were the tumultuous beginnings of the digital revolution which would shape his opinions of the future.

He has founded several companies (including Motor FM, Motor Entertainment), moderated radio shows (Radio Renner, Bremen Vier), hosted TV shows (Tonspur), and authored 3 books including the acclaimed 2004 best seller ” Kinder, der Tod ist gar nicht so schlimm. Über die Zukunft der Musik- und Medienindustrie.” (Children, death isn’t so bad. The future of music and media industries).