Distribute music online in hundreds of shops

We deliver your music to more shops than many other distributors. Why?

Because it is instrumental to have your songs where your fans listen to music. Of course we sell music in all of the general and mainstream platforms like iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, GooglePlay and Shazam – for other genres we make sure you reach specialised and alternative audiences too.

If you are an electronic producer, you want your release to be present on Beatport, Juno Download and Traxsource. Or if we’re talking about an audiobook we also distribute to Audible, iTunes and Amazon. We even distribute classical and jazz releases in higher sound quality on Gube Music, Pono and Highresaudio.

If your fan base is mainly from the English speaking world, we make sure that your music will reach 7digital, Napster or Slacker. And for Africa Simfy is an absolute must! Do you have a lot of fans in France? No problem, we also distribute on Deezer. Note to Russian artists: we also distribute via Yandex Music.

Which distribution strategy is the best for me?

Most of the time big success comes with a wide distribution. However being more exclusive by selecting specific shops and combining it with a smart promotion is a good alternative.
No matter how you decide: with us you can customise your distribution!

Where do I find a list of all the shops?

Amongst the named shops, new, local shops are appearing almost monthly. Most of the times the content of the mainstream shops is sublicensed, but we make sure that your music will appear on these platforms as well.
That is why the list and amount of shops is changing all the time – if you need more information about a specific shop, feel free to send us a message.

The most important services

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