Music Publishing Administration

Collection Societies collect royalties on OUR behalf, but we estimate that just in Europe, we’ve left BILLIONS of euro uncollected because we don’t fully understand our own copyrights and we’re mostly too lazy to register our music properly. Collection starts with the accurate registration of each version of every song we have written, so we’ve designed a publishing administration system that makes it as easy as 1-2-3! Do you know where you earn publishing?

Register your songs in a few clicks

The first step to collecting your royalties is registering your songs. If you have already uploaded your songs to iMusician, it only takes a few more clicks to have it registered. And as usual with iMusician Digital:

  1. 1 page contract.
  2. No hidden costs.
  3. You keep all your copyrights.
  4. You can cancel at any time.

Please check our full terms and conditions for further details.
Terms & conditions

Fair price

Normally, a publisher asks for 20% – 50% of your rights (!!) just to administer your music. We offer a world-first in publishing administration service by charging only:

  1. €2 per song upfront.
  2. 1% commission.

Why do we bother to ask for 1%? Because it is the legal minimum to be allowed to do the job for you.

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