The Terms and Conditions for the YouTube Content ID Monetisation:


  • By submitting your recording for YouTube monetisation, you confirm that there are no existing agreements with any third parties to monetise your music on YouTube
  • You guarantee that you hold 100% of the rights involved in the YouTube monetisation service
  • Where any titles infringe the rights of a 3rd party, you warrant iMusician and its partners immunity from any wrong-doing
  • Your usual royalty split will be applied (normally 85%)
  • A cancellation fee of 10.00 Euro applies for the YouTube monetisation service
  • iMusician reserves the right to reject any catalogue at any time from the YouTube monetisation service and other services (e.g. digital distribution), if you infringe any of the above terms

Important notice: If you upload your tracks on your own channel, you will receive a copyright claim notification from YouTube. This will have no effect on your account standing, and merely means that iMusician is monetising your videos for you. Should you prefer not to have your channel monetised, please notify us to have your channel whitelisted.

The following is not allowed:

  • Recordings containing uncleared samples
  • Recordings based on free beats or any other publicly available sound files
  • Compilations, except if you have the explicit permission from all artists appearing on that compilation.
  • Music that’s released under a Creative Commons license
  • Recordings exclusively made with sample libraries (such as Magix Music Maker, GarageBand)
  • Karaoke songs