WiMP Music – A New Streaming Service

WiMP Music – A New Streaming Service


wimp400Online music consumption is growing steadily. New streaming platforms keep popping up, like the recently released Beats Music, and YouTube and SoundCloud are ever popular sources for music listening and interaction across the world.

A new service called WiMP Music has recently been launched in Denmark, which we are already using to distribute your music. What are new streaming services doing these days to differentiate themselves from their competitors? Will WiMP follow in the footsteps of its neighbouring Scandinavian rival Spotify, and experience improved music sales as a result of streaming subscriptions? Most importantly, will they make enough profit to pay out fair artist royalties, and make up for the current decrease in physical album sales?

WiMP Music offers listeners the following features:

  • Ad-free streaming
  • Almost no buffering delay when listening to tracks or albums.
  • Recommendations, tips and playlists provided daily. (Bear in mind that Beats Music uses special music industry expert curators for this service, putting them one step ahead of the game in this respect.)
  • Professional Use – available for fitness studios, hotels, bars and restaurants, shops, and even schools and kindergartens! Professional use, however, is currently only available in Norway.
  • dedication to lossless sound quality – you can read the details on their Wimp HiFi page.


It seems as though WiMP’s specific dedication to professional usage and high quality sound formats are the main assets. The service is currently available in Denmark, Germany, Norway, Poland and Sweden, whereas Beats Music is still only available in the US. In Germany it costs €4,99 per month for a basic service, €9,99 for premium, and €19,99 for HiFi. You can see the differences between these tiers, and decide upon what you really want from a streaming service.

What do you think? How many streaming services do we need, and what impact will they have on the music industry in the long run? Streaming services like Spotify have been known to come into financial difficulties due to their own business model, meaning that it will be interesting to see what effect increased competition has, both on the services themselves, and the artists they feature!