Why is it worth using the help of a professional PR or music marketing company?

An example with Colosso’s Facebook marketing campaign for their album release.

In June we launched a contest to offer a professional Facebook marketing campaign for free for one of you! The happy winner was Colosso, a metal band from Portugal. After this experiment, we took a good look at the results. Most remarkable:

  • There was a significant increase of the band’s Facebook audience
  • The band obtained detailed insights and knowledge about their fanbase/audience
  • The campaign helped greatly to streamline and conduct the band’s release schedule
  • The campaign had positive effects on both digital pre orders and physical sales from the band’s webshop
  • The band received new tips and tricks to interact with their audience.

Check out the interviews we did with Max, the singer of Colosso as well as Verena from Dunstan Media House to get to know more insights.
After spending a few months and some decent money on the production of your latest album it’s actually only logical to seriously consider such a campaign, right? So get in touch with us to benefit from a special offer for your campaign with Dunstan Media House.


Our interview with Verena from Dunstan Media House

What are the basics for a successful Facebook campaign?

Knowing your audience and understanding them is the most important indicator for a good campaign. What are other interests of the fans and where can we find them. With his knowledge we build some kind of lookalike audience to reach people on Facebook that have a high chance to be interested in the artist the campaign is made for.

It’s also important to define your objectives for the campaign. Do you want to reach new fans and grow Facebook likes? Do you want to get new fans on your website? Do you want to generate leads for an email newsletter? Do you want your fans to buy your music and many more. However you shouldn’t try to reach all of those objectives with one single campaign, it won’t work.

What’s also important is to have an idea about the different ad formats Facebook provides. You need a little bit experience to know which one works best for your specific campaign objectives.

Also create good creatives and copies. That’s the touch point with the audience. Think about what they want to see and how they will react on this. Try different pictures and texts and see what works best. If you work with hashtags, please be careful with the wording. Finding the right hashtags is a highly sensitive subject.

The hardest point of a campaign is targeting. You have to find your target group by considering about demographic and social aspects. To mention just some of them: age, gender, location, interests, activities, etc. Narrow the target group as far as you can to avoid waste circulation.

What do you need from a band?

What we usually need is an impression of the band how they understand their audience. Then we do an analysis of the Facebook page and the audience and try to understand how they interact with the artist and what are their other interests.

We also need the presentation material of the band that should include bio texts, pictures, logos, sales links, audio files etc.

Another aspect is the engagement of the band for the campaign and their will to cooperate. A good example was working with Colosso, because during campaign development we discussed several options and exchanged views. As we suggested to set up some ads in Portuguese we received text translations by Colosso immediately. So if the band and the agency work together closely it makes things easier.

Which tools do you create for the campaign? 

We use several professional tools to build a campaign and listen to the audience before spending money on the ads. So we avoid waste circulation.

For Colosso we created more than 20 ads with different combinations of texts and pictures. For the report we also used some professional tools to analyse the maximum amount of information and derive individual recommendations for actions. This helps the bands to grow their number of Facebook fans constantly. Here you can see a few examples of the ads made for Facebook.


What would you recommend to a band that is not ready yet and just starting their career?

If you are at the beginning and not ready yet, first step always is to find your identity as an artist. Do whatever you want but do it with passion. Start playing live shows as much as you can and try to find new fans since live shows are the most important brick of your career at the start.

Take as much time as you need before you release your first album. As an artist you’ll never have that much time for an album again because your fans are always waiting for new stuff once you’ve released your first product. Keep in mind that you can learn a lot from your concert experience. On Facebook you’ll meet the same and more persons, just in a digital way.


Our interview with Max, singer of Colosso.

Can you give us your first impressions about the work with Dunstan? Was it the first time you were working with a professional agency?

Working with Dunstan was an amazing learning experience! Not only did they help us with setting up a Facebook campaign, but also they were kind enough to give us some tips and tricks to interact with our audience. This was the first time we worked with a professional agency, but surely will not be the last.

Which impact did you see on your sales, activities, social media interactions? (for example evolution of your Facebook audience?)

We saw a large increase on our Facebook audience as well as on the pre-orders of our album, not only on iTunes, but also on our own on-line merch store. Even though the campaign was focused on promoting iTunes pre-orders, we could see new likes on our Facebook page every day!

What did you learn from this experience? (Better view of your fanbase?) What will you do differently in the future, for your next release?

We learned a lot! Especially that most of our fanbase/audience is Portuguese, something we were not aware at all, since most of our merch orders and digital sales are international.

Dunstan was also kind enough to teach us (give us some guidance and free tips) some new techniques to interact with our audience, which was very cool of them!

For our upcoming release we’ll be sure to contact Dunstan to promote our new album, that’s for sure! We’ll also plan ahead a marketing campaign ourselves based on what we learned.


After discussing with both parts of the projects, we can confirm that a professional opinion had a positive impact for musicians. It implies a better understanding of the project, asking and answering the right questions which can impact the reach significantly and at the same time the sales.

Our goal at iMusician is to help promoting young talented artists. After this successful first try, we will renew the experience soon, to stay informed and get the chance to win the next professional marketing campaign, subscribe our newsletter by creating your account!

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