Il nostro team

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CEO & Cofondatore
Cofondatore & Head of Operations
Philippe Weber
Delivery Manager
Dave Striegel
Delivery Manager
Backend Developer
Anupaul Debnath
Business Intelligence Manager
Pavel Cherkasov
UX Designer
gilles toussaint
Head of Internationalisation
stela zlatkova
Online Marketing Manager
annamaria dirella
Country Manager IT
Country Manager ES
Country manager FR
Catherine Elsässer
Country Manager GSA
Valeria Scarlato
Customer Support IT
Jordan Calvi
Customer Support FR
Paloma Puippe
Customer Support FR
Christoph Mühl
Customer Support GSA
Delivery Manager
Delivery Manager
Igor Lemeshkin
UI Engineer
Nick Poteryaev
Front-End Engineer
Sweeny Westphal
Feel Good Manager

The Directors

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Investitore & Presidente del Consiglio
Investitore & Membro del Consiglio
Azionista & Independent Director
Azionista & Investor Director

Ex membro del consiglio di amministrazione

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Investitore & Comitato Consultivo
Investitore & Consiglio di Amministrazione